Photo by: Bryce France

Photo by: Bryce France

Who is this Haley girl anyway?

Born and raised in Valdosta, Ga, this “Georgia peach” does not bruise easily and doesn't take herself too seriously. I consider myself a sarcastic optimist and an expert conversationalist. I relish playing the bubbly ingénue soprano and singing my heart out with lush love ballads (most of the time in a corset), but I thrive when I get to convince the audience that I am a prepubescent boy. Also, I usually don't like to brag, but I grew up giving private show stopping renditions of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” in my kitchen at the mere age of 6. I love people, being humbled,  getting lost in a good 1950’s classic musical, and long walks on the beach. The quickest ways to my heart are chocolate desserts, almond milk lattes, and corny jokes. Side note: I'm a HUGE advocate of intermission dance parties. Especially if they're to Mamma Mia!


I also dabble in a little bit of writing on The Odyssey. Feel free to check that out here!

But, what is she up to?

Up next, I’ll be playing Sophie in Mamma Mia, Amy in Little Women, and Ensemble in Crazy for You at Peach State Summer Theatre running June 7th-July 21st. You can see more on my News page, or check out my resume.