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Born and raised in Valdosta, Ga, this “Georgia peach” does not bruise easily and has a heart of gold and a whimsical spirit. I consider myself a sarcastic optimist, an expert conversationalist, and a bubbly soprano that does not take herself too seriously. I relish playing the ingénue soprano and singing my heart out with lush love ballads, but I thrive when I get to convince the audience that I am a prepubescent boy. Also, I usually don't like to brag, but I grew up giving private show stopping renditions of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” in my kitchen at the mere age of 6. I love people, being humbled, Barbara Cook, getting lost in a good 1950’s classic musical, and long walks on the beach. The quickest way to my heart are chocolate desserts, almond milk lattes, and corny jokes. Side note: I'm a HUGE advocate of intermission dance parties. Especially if they're to Mamma Mia!

I also dabble in a little bit of writing on The Odyssey. Feel free to check that out here